Thursday, 3 May 2012

yho8 - the historical romance ...

The eighth edition of YHO had a fantastic photo of the jazz singer Jackie Paris on the front cover.  Jackie was very much at the heart of this issue, which had a lot to do with the film ‘Tis Autumn: The Search for Jackie Paris.  There is at the start a quote from Ian Svenonius’ The Psychic Soviet, and at the end there are some lines that Marlowe spoke in Dennis Potter’s The Singing Detective.
The contents of this edition of YHO also included:
Ø  Jackie Cain and Roy Kral
Ø  Tommy Wolf and Fran Landesman
Ø  Irene Kral
Ø  Sonic Youth
Ø  Mayo Thompson and Red Crayola
Ø  Billy Vera and Judy Clay
Ø  Solesides and Quannum
Ø  Clinic
Ø  Johnny Thunders
Ø  Snatch
Ø  Freda Payne

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