Tuesday 5 March 2013

yho43 - rebound

The forty-third edition of YHO is about reissues.  It starts at that point in the 1990s when compact discs were in the ascendancy and, as the decade developed, there emerged a number of labels which were making lost sounds available again that could claim to be changing lives, making us look at the history of popular culture in an entirely new way, rather than reassuring us with what we already know.  And they provided an all-round enriching aesthetic experience.  These reissue labels, helmed by enthusiasts determined to transcend niche interests, provided us with great music, sure, but also with their own collection of visionaries, scholars, characters acting as compilers, annotators and designers worthy of their own hagiography.  This is a celebration of four of these organisations, their activity, and certain specifically significant releases: Blood and Fire, Kent, Soul Jazz and On-U Sounds.  It is dedicated with special affection to Steve Barrow, Ady Croasdell, Stuart Baker and Adrian Sherwood, with a tip of the hat to Roger Eagle and Dave Godin. The cover was beautifully designed by Per-Christian Hille.