Saturday 2 February 2013

yho42 - Chrome Extra

We’re 1990’s pop,” sang The Prats, aligning themselves with the future.  But what did The Prats imagine pop music would be like, ten years on, in 1990?  And how do we think pop music sounded in 1990? 
Chrome Extra, the forty-second edition of YHO, tackles the issue of 1990’s pop, with the help of a cassette tape unexpectedly rediscovered after 20-odd years in storage.  It is the snapshot of a moment, but what story has it got to share?  What secrets can it reveal?  What connections does it suggest?  What is missing from the tape?  The answers to these questions, and a whole lot more, will unfold when you read Chrome Extra
As a bonus, there is a lovingly put-together YouTube playlist available here which approximately recreates the cassette’s contents.