Wednesday 27 June 2012

yho35 - The Man Who Walked Away

The Man Who Walked Away is the thirty-fifth edition of YHO.  It could be about searching for the spirit of Bobby Paris.  It’s certainly very much inspired by Bobby Paris singing I Walked Away.  It’s one of the most perfect performances in popular music.  One of the most passionate, too.  And it makes you wonder about Bobby Paris. It makes you want to read about Bobby Paris.  It just might make you want to write about Bobby Paris.
Naturally this is not just about a particular favourite on the old soul scene.  Oh no, life and art are never that simple.  So the quest to find out about Bobby Paris also takes in:
Ø  Capitol Soul Casino and Kent Records
Ø  Kelly Gordon and Bobbie Gentry
Ø  Jody Reynolds and Shorty Rogers
Ø  Jimmie Haskell and Bill Szymczyk
Ø  Gene Page and Sonny Charles
Ø  Jill Jones who co-wrote I Walked Away
Ø  The Electric Prunes and The Knickerbockers
Ø  Ed Cobb and Patrice Holloway
Ø  Wigan’s Ovatian, Barry Kingston and Spark Records
Ø  The Fall and the Lie Dream of a Casino Soul