Wednesday 26 October 2016

A Cracked Jewel Case - a short promotional film

This is a short promotional film about A Cracked Jewel Case by Kevin Pearce. The video was put together by Per-Christian Hille who designed the cover for the book. A Cracked Jewel Case is available digitally through Amazon. If you can help spread the word everyone at YHO will be eternally grateful.

Friday 15 July 2016

A Cracked Jewel Case



by Kevin Pearce

with a cover designed by Per-Christian Hille


“Here’s a book that you should open if you want to know much more about ...”

1990s pop. Opening up versus closing down. How the energy was passed around. When one thing led to another. So many new worlds to discover. Take a pile of compact discs. And find out who was taking risks. A dog-eared digipak and a cracked jewel case. Here’s to those who never knew their place. Sometimes distance offers new perspectives. Revealing clues to the pop detectives.

Pick out fragments of what was happening. Put them together to create new patterns. Depth charge bass and broken beats. Wildflowers growing in the streets. Shadows dance all across the wall. A lovers melody for when you fall. Did you ever hear the dub mix? Old games transformed by brand new tricks. Buying back sounds rashly sold. Bringing in names from the cold. Revelations hiding in plain sight. Dusty corners needing some new light.

A Cracked Jewel Case is the final part in a trilogy of titles that form a dub history of late twentieth century pop culture. The other books in the series are A Moment Worth Waiting For and You Know My Name: The Lovers, The Dreamers and Bobby Scott. They are the work of Kevin Pearce whose writing includes the acclaimed book of pop mythography Something Beginning With O and scripts for the London films of Paul Kelly & Saint Etienne.

AVAILABLE NOW WORLDWIDE THROUGH AMAZON for £3.00 or an equivalent amount.

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