Sunday, 6 May 2012

yho11 - rewrite the script

The eleventh issue of YHO was a special edition devoted to vintage pop music from the Communist-era Eastern Europe.  The cover featured a still of the Bulgarian diva Lili Ivanova performing in a late ‘60s New Year’s Eve special on Soviet TV.  An allusion to Beryl Marsden singing about music being a language known around the world set the scene.
The opening paragraph makes the YHO position on all this pretty clear: “This is a story about discovering wonderful pop sounds from the Eastern Europe of the 1960s and ‘70s. In other places it might be billed as a journey of discovery where myths are shattered, lies exposed, ignorance laid bare, injustices set right. That sort of thing. It is written with great enthusiasm, if from a position of relative ignorance.”
It was ridiculously exciting discovering all this extraordinary music which hitherto I had no idea even existed.  Just looking at the people featured in this issue makes me grin:
Ø  Novi Singers
Ø  Ada Rusowicz
Ø  Yvonne Prenosilova
Ø  Marta Kubisova
Ø  Blue Effect
Ø  Lili Ivanova
Ø  Pasha Hristova
Ø  Phoenix
Ø  Josipa Lisac
Ø  Olivera Vuco
Ø  Kati Kovacs
Ø  Vladimir Vysotsky

This issue can be found here ...

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