Saturday 19 May 2012

yho24 - ... disco no disco yes

The twenty-fourth edition of YHO had on the cover the striking sleeve of Pulse 2, a record by Zigmars Liepins featuring some excellent electro sounds, which was part of a Soviet ‘sport and music’ series.  This issue collected together a series of posts from the YHO site which ran under the heading of The Disco Ball is a Globe.
Most of the literature about disco concentrates on its roots and early days, but its impact around the world is far more fascinating.  When you consider the damage done in the name of political parties, religion and nationalism then disco music must be seen a progressive force for good in the world, with a symbol such as the disco ball or a Roland synth seen as a civilising influence.  And so the series set out to capture something of ‘disco around the world’ and some of the genuinely extraordinary music it has inspired. 
Among those remarkable things mentioned in this edition of YHO are:
Ø  A Tajikistani take on Munich disco
Ø  Zodiac and the Soviet disco alliance
Ø  The soundtracks of Raimonds Pauls and Alexander Zatsepin
Ø  Mutant disco in Hungary with Trabant
Ø  Googoosh, Ramesh and Persian disco sounds
Ø  Tim Maia, Lady Zu, Rita Lee and Jorge Ben
Ø  O.P.M. and Manila Sound
Ø  Brand New Wayo and  Nigerian Boogie
Ø  Supermax takes on the world
Ø  Disco music in Bollywood and Lollywood

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