Wednesday 30 May 2012

yho34 - ... with the times

The thirty-fourth edition of YHO takes a leaf out of Glenn Gould’s book and contemplates Petula and her peculiar story.  It then takes a few steps sideways and becomes something of a celebration of great voices, featuring among others:

Ø  Esther Ofarim, who is the cover star
Ø  Annie Ross
Ø  Lita Roza
Ø  Jackie Trent
Ø  Tony Middleton
Scott Walker

Somewhere along the way it became just as much about arrangers and composers, such as:
Ø  Teddy Randazzo
Ø  Bobby Scott
Ø  Claus Ogerman
Ø  Michel Legrand
Ø  And, yes, of course, Tony Hatch, which is where this issue begins.

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