Monday, 14 May 2012

yho19 - Scream of my Heartbeat

Brian Griffin - Copyright 1978

The nineteenth edition was a collection of posts first published on the YHO site.  The theme of the series was The Pop Group and the impact they had on me as a teenager. An announcement about The Pop Group playing live for the first time in 30-odd years had been indirectly the catalyst for these reflections.
Each post in the series was accompanied by a picture specially designed by Per-Christian Hille and a song from a ‘rediscovered’ live recording of The Pop Group playing in Newcastle in August 1978.  The pictures and songs fitted together at the end of the series to form one glorious whole ‘giveaway’.
The cover of this edition of YHO featured a 1978 photo by Brian Griffin of The Pop Group on Chesil Beach, which I was graciously given permission to use.  The set of photos taken in this session played a hugely important part in making The Pop Group seem impossibly glamorous. 
The coverage of The Pop Group in the music press was also an integral part of making The Pop Group seem incredibly romantic.  Specific mention is made of features by:
Ø  Steve Walsh in Zigzag
Ø  Paul Rambali in the New Musical Express
Ø  Pete Silverton in Sounds
Among those also mentioned in this edition of YHO are:
Ø  Dennis Bovell
Ø  Subway Sect
Ø  Andrew Lauder and Radar Records
Ø  Barney Bubbles
Ø  Eric Dolphy

The live tape itself can be found here ...

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