Sunday, 20 May 2012

yho25 - form & function

The twenty-fifth edition of YHO borrowed its cover picture from Bridget Riley and its title from Photek.  And yet it could equally be said that the graphics and wording on the front page were borrowed from Nuo, the electrical appliances company, which is where this issue starts.  The central themes of this edition are about why we listen to music, how we listen to music, how we use music, and how music is presented. 
Among those mentioned in this edition of YHO are:
Ø  Sudden Sway
Ø  Barbara Moore
Ø  Pursuit Grooves
Ø  Ron Goodwin
Ø  Eric Coates
Ø  Moving Shadow
Ø  John McEntire
Ø  Simon Fisher Turner
Ø  Don Harper
Ø  Ikonika
Ø  The Caretaker

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