Thursday 17 May 2012

yho22 - Enlightenment!

“Jazz.  Folk.  Calypso. Music Hall.  Skiffle.  Blues.  Ballads. Agit Prop. Highlife.  Lowlifes.  Beatniks.  Modernists.  Anarchists.  Communists.  Chancers.  Charmers.  Tormented Thinkers.  Theatre Revolutionaries.  Pop Pioneers.  Cockney Visionaries.  Soho Adventurers.”  That’s what was promised in the most ambitious of all the issues of YHO.  The twenty-second edition was effectively a short book, 60-odd pages long, and perhaps there was the thought someone would come along and suggest turning it into something more.  It didn’t happen, which is a relief really as there’s always something else to add or explore.  The cover star was Lionel Bart, and Per-Christian Hille did the design and layout to make it seem rather more professional than usual. 
Among those also mentioned in this edition of YHO are:

Ø  Joan Littlewood and Theatre Workshop
Ø  Colin MacInnes
Ø  Denis Preston
Ø  Ewan MacColl
Ø  Val Wilmer
Ø  Wolf Mankowitz
Ø  Anthony Newley
Ø  Kenny Graham
Ø  Alan Klein
Ø  John Cameron

This issue can be found here ... 

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