Wednesday 16 May 2012

yho21 - skimming stones ...

The cover  star of the twenty-first edition of YHO was Sylvia Tella, and the photo was borrowed from the sleeve of Spell, her debut LP.  This issue began with a quote from Arsene Wenger and continued: “I like the state of ‘not knowing’. It can be a springboard to discovery, which helps pieces of information fit together in enlightening ways. It can also be a source of worry, with pieces of a jigsaw turning up unexpectedly to befuddle and bemuse.” 
It took as its starting point a little confusion or confession about the London female reggae collectives Akabu and Abacush.  In many ways it formed the third part of a trilogy with the preceding two issues, with a strong focus on post-punk activities and UK reggae productions.  Tony Herrington around this time wrote a particularly enthusiastic piece in The Wire on YHO.
Among those also mentioned in this edition of YHO are:
Ø  Mark Lusardi
Ø  Mike Dorane and the Disco Dub Band
Ø  Jah Wobble
Ø  Annie Whitehead
Ø  Adrian Sherwood
Ø  Judy Nylon
Ø  Horace Andy & Rhythm Queen
Ø  Barry Ford and Noir
Ø  Merger
Ø  Twinkle Brothers
Ø  Gaspar Lawal
It ends with a little confession or confusion about Nick Plytas and Nick Straker

This issue can be found here ... 

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