Wednesday, 2 May 2012

yho7 - The Archaeology of an Abandoned Soul Single

The seventh edition of YHO was another ‘themed’ issue, and took as its starting point a single salvaged for next-to-nothing by Joe Curtis on the Spiral label, featuring This Is Love on one side and Black is Beautiful on the other.  The cover features a photo of two Motown cassettes which came in lovely matchbox style packaging.  This issue began and ended with quotes from Kitty Hauser’s excellent Bloody Old Britain: O.G.S. Crawford and the Archaeology of Modern Life.  A wonderful comment about this edition on the Soul Source Forum was subsequently borrowed for the front page of the YHO site.
This issue was the most ‘collaborative’ and featured some very important contributions, like:
Ø  Brian Kotz (Back To Zero) on the early days of the 6Ts Rhythm & Soul Society
Ø  Per-Christian Hille on The Aller Værste!
The contents of this edition of YHO also included:
Ø  The Visitors – with quotes from Colin Craigie and John McVay
Ø  The Users/A Craze – with quotes from Chris Free
Ø  Silver Convention
Ø  Giorgio Moroder/Pete Bellotte
Ø  Ambros Seelos Orchestra
Ø  Herbie Mann
Ø  Tommy McCook/Laurel Aitken
Ø  Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Ø  Robert Lloyd and the Nightingales
Ø  Paul Simpson and the Wild Swans

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