Wednesday, 9 May 2012

yho14 - assemblage ...

The fourteenth edition of YHO featured a still of Monica Zetterlund singing Some Other Time with the Bill Evans Trio in 1965 for Swedish TV.  The title of this issue was very deliberately chosen, and the opening paragraph is particularly pertinent: “If there is one thing that propels the projects that are part of Your Heart Out it is a fascination with how things fit together. This is not in the sense of taking something apart and analysing it. It is, instead, about finding out how elements link, often unexpectedly, to form a picture or story. It is all to do with connections.” In this case all roads lead back to the American jazz pianist and composer Steve Kuhn, who recorded with Monica and many others.
The contents of this edition of YHO also included:
Ø  Karin Krog
Ø  Terje Rypdal
Ø  Jan Garbarek
Ø  Sheila Jordan
Ø  Archie Shepp
Ø  Gary McFarland
Ø  Steve Swallow
Ø  Bill Evans
Ø  John Surman
Ø  Arild Andersen

There was also a complementary mixtape put together, which just had to be called Kuhnnections and can be found here.  Per-Christian Hille provided one of his beautiful covers for the mix, using with permission one of Erik Stenvik’s evocative photos of the Norwegian jazz scene in the late ‘60s which can be found on Flickr here.  

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