Monday 21 May 2012

yho26 - ... ghosts of midnight

The twenty-sixth edition of YHO had on its cover a wonderfully evocative photo of Sandi Hummer standing in the doorway of The Lighthouse, the jazz club in Hermosa Beach, California.  It seemed to perfectly capture the mood of this issue and its theme which was the great jazz voices of Bethlehem Records, ones that have been lost and found along the way, ones at their best when singing desolate torch songs. 
Among the voices of Bethlehem mentioned in this edition of YHO are:
Ø  Audrey Morris
Ø  Chris Connor
Ø  Terry Morel
Ø  Helen Carr
Ø  Marilyn Moore
Ø  Frances Faye
Ø  Betty Roché
Ø  Bev Kelly
Ø  Mel Tormé
Ø  Bob Dorough
Ø  Bobby Troup
Ø  Julie London
And, very importantly, mention is made of the vision of Creed Taylor, the incredible artwork of Burt Goldblatt, and the man who started it all, Gus Wildi.  Russ Garcia and Howard Roberts also seem to be pretty significant figures in this issue.

This issue can be found here ... 


  1. I was drawn by the image one the cover, which I'd like to use for a Lighthouse feature I'm uploading soon. Can you tell me the source of the image? Or at least who to credit if I use it?

    Very interesting angles throughout and I enjoyed reading this. Thanks and best wishes.

  2. That's something I would like to read. I don't know who the photo was taken by but tracking back I am pretty sure this was the source:

  3. Thanks for the lead! Looks like it was a personal photo from the collection of the late Sandi Hummer -- I'll follow up with Mr. Addict. And I'll be happy to post you when the Lighthouse piece is in place!