Wednesday 23 May 2012

yho28 - rainsongs & painsongs ...

The twenty-eighth edition of YHO features on the front cover manipulated images of Julie Tippetts taken from a video where she participates in a performance of Keith Tippett’s Septober Energy in 2008. This issue is at heart a celebration of Julie’s work, very much inspired by her collaboration with Martin Archer on Tales of FiNiN which is undoubtedly the most rewarding record of recent times. Naturally, being YHO, there is a whole series of diversions and detours along the way.  The title, incidentally, is formed of words found in Julie’s songs and poetry.
Among those mentioned alongside Julie in this edition of YHO are:
Ø  Norma Winstone
Ø  Mike Westbrook
Ø  Clock DVA
Ø  Hana and Petr Ulrychova
Ø  Blue Effect
Ø  Jiri Stivin
Ø  Working Week
Ø  Annie Whitehead
Ø  Nostalgia 77
Ø  Blossom Toes
Ø  Reggie King

This issue can be found here ... 

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