Tuesday, 22 May 2012

yho27 - ... a belief in mischief

The twenty-seventh edition of YHO had on the front cover a still from footage of the 14 Hour Technicolour Dream where at the end of their set The Flies provoked fights with and among the audience.  It actually looks more like Paris a year or so later doesn’t it?  The picture is just right for this issue which spends quite a bit of time exploring that strange period where mods went psychedelic.  But it wasn’t all peace and love and passivity.  There was, thankfully, still mischief at work, and this edition of YHO seems to concentrate on some of this.  In a way, this issue started out as a meditation on sacred texts, but soon developed into a celebration of irregulars, visionaries, mischief makers, and people who just arent written about enough.
Among those mentioned in this edition of YHO are:
Ø  Peter Meaden and Norman Jopling
Ø  Peter Shertser and Ian Sippen of the Firm
Ø  Val Wilmer
Ø  Mick Farren
Ø  Martin Stone
Ø  Dave Godin
Ø  Penny Reel
In terms of music, among those featured are:
Ø  Edgar Broughton Band
Ø  Jo Ann Kelly
Ø  Clark-Hutchinson
Ø  The Peep Show
Ø  Captain Beefheart

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