Wednesday, 30 May 2012

yho33 - cumulative

For the thirty-third edition of YHO it seemed like a good idea to put together a user’s guide to all the earlier issues.  After all 33 is a number that does have a certain significance, and many great long-players have been collections of activity-to-date. 
So, for new readers and loyal subscribers, hopefully this Cumulative edition gives a helpful overview of the subjects that have been covered in YHO.  From a purely personal point of view this has been an invaluable exercise, giving a timely reminder of what’s been achieved with YHO.  And having a bit of a breather, so to speak, has been a really good thing.  The old batteries are recharged, and YHO is ready to rumble and ramble on.
If you are new to the YHO experience, then please use this issue as a jumping-off point and explore.  And please spread the word.

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