Sunday, 31 July 2011

Be Back Soon ...

Having successfully completed the YHO around-the-world disco challenge (the findings of which can be downloaded as a delightful pdf) it’s time to take a breather. In other words, before setting out on a new adventure, it’s time to press ‘pause’.

Be assured, however, there are still plenty of rabbit holes to disappear down, so the YHO explorations will continue. In fact, there are a jumble of ideas and a tangle of leads which are being made sense of even as you read this holding message. And sometime soon this should all emerge as a new edition of YHO.

You see, I really do still believe passionately that investigating the past illuminates the present, and YHO remains very much about secret histories, chance discoveries, unexpected connections, that enable us to put things together in a new way and challenge existing narratives. That’s about enlightenment. It’s got nothing to do with nostalgia.

I was trying to think up something smart to leave you with, and then stumbled across this video of the UK group Cool Notes, who started out as a London lovers rock group in the late ‘70s and then had a glorious string of hits in the mid-‘80s with more of a modern soul/funk sound on the wonderfully named Abstract Dance label. Somehow that seems to draw together a number of strands from recent adventures. And this video has London written all over it …

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