Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Form & Function #1

Form & Function is the latest edition of Your Heart Out, and it can be downloaded as a free pdf here. I did have some searching conversations with myself about whether to use Form & Function as a title, but it did seem too perfect a fit to resist. And the direct musical reference seemed apt too as the issue starts and ends with Photek. That is it starts with rediscovering my old Photek CDs and ends with me realising that Photek had recently released a 12" on the Bristol label Tectonic. In between there are plenty of thoughts about how bass 'n' beats-based electronic music (b'n'b) is used and can be enjoyed away from the club environment. This J. Sparrow mix of that recent Photek single for example has that 'meditative' feel that makes it the perfect soundtrack for certain activities ...

Photek -Closer-J.Sparrow's chilled mix (Tectonic)

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