Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Why we do what we do ...

I hope you followed our advice and subscribed to the Roger Eagle tribute co-ordinated by Jeff Barrett over at Caught By The River. They did a great job. And what came through loud and clear for me was the fact Eagle never seemed to be motivated by anything more than a desire to share his enthusiasms, be it r'nb or the blues or whatever. I wish there were more people like that. I am so sick and tired of people who want to promote themselves and get on.

So while in the blogosphere, like everywhere else, there are comedians and careerists ("the end is nigh ... but in the meantime gimme a New Statesman column would'ya?") thank goodness there remain enthusiasts who seek to enlighten and illuminate by sharing lost sounds we may never otherwise hear. And trust me, when you're on the scrapheap that matters a lot. Posting music? It may be naughty, but it's more morally right than a rare record being locked away in a banker's vault as an investment!

So when writing The Enormity of Small Things, I was able to refer to Laura Nyro cover versions by Melba Moore and Karen Wyman thanks to the great work by music lovers who take the time and trouble to share special works of art. I am humbly grateful for what they do. And if you don't know these records or these sites then you're in for a treat.

And today definitely feels like a Laura Nyro day, so here she is singing Save The Country. And on a Dexys related note it would be inappropriate to omit the Fifth Dimension singing Wedding Bell Blues.

Now I know there are killjoys out there who bemoan the fact that everything's too available now, and some of the magic is gone. I can understand that, but if that's the case how come I can't find the series of LPs the very wonderful Jean DuShon made in the mid '60s? Check mate!


  1. an mp3 will never make my heart soar quite the way a gorgeous little 45 will but gee today would've been a rottener day without that melba moore song. thanks again

  2. Thanks. I just remembered Melba Moore singing The Magic Touch on one of those old Kent compilations. Wish I had that on a 45!