Monday, 11 May 2009

Take a heart ...

One of the heroes of The Enormity of Small Things, the sixth issue of Your Heart Out, was maverick music biz figure Miki Dallon who fitted neatly into the story via his time in the '60s with Strike Records through to the '70s and his Youngblood International label, and his work as Spaghetti Head on the great Funky Axe, and that great Christine Harewood record Finders Keepers salvaged a wee while back.

Then there was his association with Beacon Records, where he penned the gorgeous Love Is Wonderful for Paula Parfitt - a perfect example of blue eyed soul to light up your life.

But where perhaps we should be most grateful to Dallon is for his songwriting for The Sorrows. Indeed, I'd claim Take A Heart as a desert island disc. Mod noise doesn't get any better than this. If you know The Sorrows story then you'll know they spent time in Italy, and one of the joys of YouTube is coming across clips of them playing in the background of some Italian movie during a fight or club scene. Then there's this ...

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