Friday, 22 May 2009

Kicks in style

The second contribution we were fortunate to have for the seventh issue of Your Heart Out, the pithily titled The Archaeology of An Abandoned Soul Single, was from Phil Wilson of June Brides fame. It told the tale of how Phil was lucky enough to see the fantastic punk outfit The Users playing live, and how life would never be the same again.
That set the scene nicely for the article which was ostensibly on The Users, embellished by some snappy quotes from Users guitarist Chris Free. Being YHO though it meandered onto other things, including Respond recording artists A Craze, which Chris would go on to be part of. Actually there's a nice little A Craze interview here, and a great track from their 12" for anyone unfamiliar with their Wearing My Jumper smash hit.
Chris, himself, on reading Phil's words commented: "Hey I remember that gig - always wondered where on earth it was that we supported 'Out Demons Out' Edgar Broughton Band. True story: Night before that gig - Kevin Rowland (The Killjoys) stayed the night in his van in front of my mum and dad's house. Mum gave him tea and toast for breakfast - then he took us - The Users - and all our equipment to the Wisbech gig - and back again."
By coincidence I stumbled (well it's better than swaggering) across this clip Phil had shared of the June Brides playing live in '85. I was lucky enough to see the group plenty of times around then (they were our local Sarf London punk outfit) and I think this captures the group at their best. Is this the Plymouth venue where Heavenly's Jeff Barrett would put on groups? Back when he ran a record shop called Meat Whiplash. Ah we were all obsessed with the memory of the Fire Engines then. Anyway this was always my favourite Junies song ...

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  1. This is great! Two nights of June Brides in Oslo in 85 or 86 are among my fondest gig memories… I still have the tour poster the band signed for me backstage as well as the fanzine I bought from Jon.