Friday 29 May 2009


One of the highlights of the seventh issue of Your Heart Out, the cheerily titled The Archaeology of An Abandoned Soul Single, was the piece by our comrade PC, David Goodis fan and curator of the excellent Bollywood blog Music From The Third Floor, on the Norwegian ska/post-punk outfit, The Aller Værste!

The story goes that PC added a track by TAV! to a mix he did of turn of the '80s post-punk/new pop treats, and I thought wow! Thinking I knew a thing or two about that era it was a real joy to discover something completely new from that time. PC made it possible to hear more of TAV! and it was a complete revelation. Time to revise the history books again comrades!

So, with a bit of a ska theme going on in our latest issue, with the enlightenment that came as a result of the whole '79 mod/2-Tone thing, musically and politically, it seemed entirely appropriate to get PC to write about TAV! And he really came up trumps. Incidentally the track he put on that mix was Dans Til Musikken and it goes like this.

And this is a clip of TAV! PC chose, from a kids' TV show in 1980 ...

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  1. A tiny addendum to the TAV story:
    In the summer of 81, on my first proper outing to the UK, I attended a two-night Postcard Records showcase at London's The Venue; Aztec Camera and Josef K the one night, Orange Juice and The Bluebells the second. In the audience on at least one of them, I noticed TAV's Chris and Sverre.
    Yeah, we had taste back then!