Wednesday 20 May 2009

Time for a slow dance. A very slow dance.

The latest addition to the Your Heart Out library, the snappily titled The Archaeology of an Abandoned Soul Single, was great fun to put together because of the contributions that came in from comrades.

I was particularly proud to be able to include the piece from (Back To Zero singer) Brian Kotz on the interface between the early days of the infamous 6Ts Rhythm & Soul Society in London and the mod renaissance in the summer of 1979. Seeing Brian's name mentioned in Ady Croasdell's sleevenotes for the Kent compilation In The Beginning which tells the tale of how the 6Ts thing got going, it occured to me there was a great story to be told about the '79 mod thing and how interest in the original mod sounds was piqued. Importantly this is a story that goes very much against the grain of media stereotyping, orthodox histories, and so on.

Brian absolutely came up trumps for us. And it gives me another chance to say that back To Zero's Your Side Of Heaven is one of the all-time classic slices of beat noise. Coincidentally Brian got to sing it recently with members of the Purple Hearts at a Mods' Mayday event. He also sang Making Time with them. Speaking of which, at the same event, this special rendition of Eating Up The Cold was performed!

Anyway in Brian's article for us he mentions that at the first 6Ts Rhythm & Soul event he attended there was a romantic interlude while a slow soul number was played, and partners were taken. Brian says it might have been Mitty Collier, and it might have been this number. Would you care to join me for this dance?


  1. A very brilliant piece inside a specially brilliant issue: YHO goes better on each number.
    Thanks a lot for the 'zine & this blog

  2. Thanks very much. Appreciate that!