Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Magic of Marilia Medalha ...

If you've read the fifth issue of Your Heart Out I hope you will have picked up on how much we love the music of Marilia Medalha. As our love affair with Brazilian music continues it has been an absolute joy to discover performers who are less well known but whose music nevertheless captures out hearts, minds and souls. It's the same anywhere, dig deeper and there are more treasures to be found.

Marilia started recording around 1967, but has by no means been prolific. Her records however if you can track them down, by hook or by crook, are just so wonderful, and her voice just makes me melt. So, as an introduction to her beautiful music here's a collection of some of her greatest performances.

Judging by YouTube and MySpace Marilia is still performing. Speaking of YouTube here is a clip of Marilia and Edu Lobo singing together in 1978, with a large print of our patron saint Tuca in the background.


  1. beautiful,thank you, i hope you have checked out Jose mauros astonishing set "obnoxius" too, a record up there with all the brazilian greats.


  2. Thanks Calle. I wasn't familiar with Jose Mauro, but I found Obnoxius and have been playing it all weekend. It's a beautiful record. And what a tragic story. You wonder what else he would have done!

  3. Glad you liked it. Obnoxius is one of the records that never wear out for me and just gets better the more you play it. Someone once described jose as brazils scott walker and i think there is a bit truth in it.