Monday, 20 April 2009

The perfect argument ...

One of the main themes in The Enormity of Small Things, the sixth issue of Your Heart Out, was soul music made in the UK. It's a subject that could be debated endlessly, but one of the important things to emphasise is the way life, culture, whatever, in the UK was enriched by people from the US, from the West Indies, and so on, who chose to live and work over here, and the music they were involved with lives on and remains the perfect argument for a multi-racial society.

So, to celebrate this contribution made towards making the world a better place here is a mix of (predominantly) '60s soul made in the UK, or at the very least made by people who lived and worked over here. A lot of the tracks are well known in certain circles, but who cares? As if you need an excuse to share some of the most wonderful music ever made. And, trust me, if you've not heard Mac & Katie Kissoon's version of Wear It Our Face ...

The Kissoon's moved to the UK from Trinidad, as did Ebony Keyes (or Lee Vanderbilt as he became known) who started singing in pubs in south London. His northern soul fave If You Knew is on the mix, so let's add to the fun by watching him in action on German TV, getting down with the local mods. There's a great clip of him performing If You Knew too, posted by his son. Now wouldn't it be great to be able to do that?

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