Friday, 10 April 2009

This photo is an early shot of the group Kit from an edition of Dave Haslam's Debris magazine. Debris, which was pretty cool, got a nice mention in the fifth issue of Your Heart Out, as did Kit funnily enough in relation to some of the great groups that were part of the UK's secret pop underground in the late 1980s. Appropriately Kit would record for Dave Haslam's Play Hard label, and this is the first track from their Unshakeable Faith LP, which came out in 1989.

A while back, as part of a pre-Your Heart Out project, I put the case for someone salvaging the Kit LP ... it's part 21 here ... and I'm still waiting. Actually in this series there was quite a strong Liverpool presence. But I missed the opportunity to make a connection one of our more Mersey-centric readers pointed out recently, which was that Kit bassist Michelle Brown played with Michael Head's Strands and had a Shack song wriiten about her. Normally I just burble on about how great Kit singer/guitarist Lin Sangster is, and how much I love her earlier group Send No Flowers.

The credits on Unshakeable Faith offer no thanks at all to that old dinosaur rock 'n' roll - 'where the men are men and the girls are pretty'? So it seems appropriate to leave you with this amazing clip of the great Evie Sands ...

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  1. ...and the connections keep on coming as Tim O'Shea who played guitar with Send No Flowers is currently playing in John Head's band.

    Shack for those who don't know are 'on a break' with both Mick and John doing their own stuff. John has just recorded a live set for Radio Merseyside which will be broadcast on Sunday 19th April on the Dave Monks show - available on the BBC iplayer. Look out for the song 'Metro' in particular.