Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Stand up for our folk heroes ...

Sometimes you wonder if it's all worth it, and whether anyone is out there, and then you see something like this over at Caught By The River detailing a forthcoming celebration of Roger Eagle to mark the tenth anniversary of his death.
You need to register to receive the tribute Jeff Barrett has been working on, so head down by the river side and show your support for one of the our folk heroes, without whom, without the Twisted Wheel, without the jukebox at Eric's, there would certainly not be a Your Heart Out. And it's just nice to know that in a small way we've precipitated this timely tribute.
The blog post mentions another Liverpool legend, Bernie (down the lane) Connor and anyone who loves their music should subscribe to the podcasts he has been posting at The Sound of Music, which eerily seem at times like an aural equivalent to our little publication.


  1. Thanks for hipping me to CBTR. All signed up now...

  2. I was lucky enough to hear one of Roger's last sets, at the first Hideaway R'n'B night in Manchester nearly a decade back (that's the night run by the couple of mods behind the New Breed R'n'B comps on Kent).

    Was a good night, and unlike the R'n'B revival scene it spawned, the early days were notable for a strong contingent of late teens/early 20s mod kids.

  3. Now that would have been a good night ...