Friday, 24 April 2009

Force fed your so-called heroes ...

I have lost track of Lawrence, but hope he is looking after himself. Anyway, his groups Felt and Denim were pretty material (oh please yourselves!) to The Enormity of Small Things, or the sixth issue of Your Heart Out, in the sense that they dared to challenge orthodox views of what is great pop. Denim, for example, opted to strike a defiant pose in the middle of the road. It's a good place to be.

Leading on from that was the notion that the pre-punk '70s were a goldmine for odd pop. A perfect example of this would be Jigsaw's Sky High, a big hit in the mid-'70s, with a great twist on the Four Seasons/old soul sound. The LP it comes from is an absolute classic masterpiece, but seems to be out of circulation.

Similarly Lynsey De Paul came up with a number of pretty strange and wonderful songs. Sugar Me is perhaps the best example, though Storm In A Teacup is a particular favourite around these parts.

That whole thing about Denim being a mix of the Glitter Band and Phuture was pretty cool, though I suspect Lawrence was not thinking specifically of this fantastically funky work out, Makes You Blind, from their decidedly rum third LP which is well worth seeking out.

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  1. Yes, whatever did happen to Lawrence? The 2005 Go-Kart Mozart album, Tearing Up The Album Charts, was as good as anything he's done - he should still be at it!