Monday, 13 April 2009

Paris is for lovers ...

There did seem to be a bit of a Paris theme to the fifth issue of Your Heart Out. No disguising that really with a still of Jeanne Moreau in Eva on the front cover. While I am not a fan of Jules et Jim I am madly in love with Jeanne, and Eva is one of my favourite films. There's a lot to love. Not least the Michel Legrand score, and Tony Middleton singing the theme song.

I have to confess I don't know much about Tony Middleton, though Eva wasn't the only French film he got to sing the theme to. A few years later he could be heard singing Paris Blues and so to continue our Louis Armstrong theme here's a clip from the film with Paul Newman doing his Big Jimmy bit.

I first came across Tony Middleton on what was the first Northern Soul compilation I ever bought. It was on the Grapevine label, and this would have been around 1980. It cost me £1 in what was ostensibly a musical instrument shop, which was on the corner of the road made famous for being the home of Dave Godin when he started the Tamla Motown Appreciation Society. Not that I knew that at the time ...

There were so many great tracks on that particular Northern Soul collection, but this Tony Middleton track still makes me do back flips across the living room!


  1. Indeed a fine track. And as you say, on "This Is Northern Soul", the last of three (I think) compilations Grapevine released between 78-80. The first two were "Talk of the Grapevine" and "Sound of the Grapevine" respectively. All great.

  2. 7"s as well. I haven't checked but I am sure I have/had a Grapevine 7" of Judy Street's What ...