Saturday 15 October 2011

Ghosts of Midnight - pt.3

Ghosts of Midnight is the latest edition of Your Heart Out which can be downloaded here free for all as a pdf. It is an affectionate tribute to the 1950s jazz label Bethlehem and some of its voices. There is no denying the fact that some of these voices became lost along the way, and were criminally under-recorded. While the advent of the digital age has meant that the Bethlehem sides recorded by singers such as Terry Morel, Betty Blake, Betty Roche, Peggy Connelly, Marilyn Moore, Paula Castle, and Helen Carr are available one way or another, there still seems to be a general lack of awareness about the wonderful talents these ladies had, and background detail is often harder to find. Oddly YouTube is not much help in these cases, and there is little from the Bethlehem back catalogue posted for the casual browser to stumble across. There is even less in the way of rare footage to watch. One glorious exception, however, is a clip from the early '60s of Terry Morel performing on the West Coast jazz TV show, Frankly Jazz. What is particularly wonderful about this piece of film is seeing how the show's host Frank Evans is so visibly moved that he can hardly speak when Terry has finished singing What Is There To Say ...

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