Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Throwing logic out of the window

Up until now this blog has been pretty structured. An edition of Your Heart Out is put together. You are encouraged to visit the library on your left and download it for free, print it out, put it in your duffel bag and head out to your favourite cafe or park for a good old read. Then between issues certain themes in the latest edition would be examined in a slightly different way, with a bit of a musical or visual bonus. But that's worried me for a while. Is it patronising? Can't people go off and do their own exploring? Do they need everything on a plate, spelled out? This ain't alphabetti spaghetti. And the handful of people who read this know more than me anyway.

And then a little while ago, to help spread the good word, I gave in and joined Facebook. Oh boy, that's a strange old place. It's a bit like being in a shooting gallery or something. Things come flying atcha like mad. One of the things the technology allows is the sharing of YouTube clips, and they come thick and fast. Sometimes you think, what the heck do we want to see that rubbish for. Sometime you think, wahey, I'll have me some of that. But my memory is rubbish, and there's too many things on the go. And yet you can understand the urge to share. That was after all what the printed word version of Your Heart Out was all about.

So, throwing logic to the wind, and for no reason other than the fact that it made me smile on a soggy day in London Town, here's the very great Johnny Nash ...


  1. No, it's not patronising. Yes, we can, and sometimes do explore and find these things on our own, but unless I'm the only only one, a lot of use are, through own choice as well as circumstance, bombarded with music related input from all manner of sources (I've lost count of all the music sites I have bookmarked). Thus these inbetween-issue posts, and the Facebook updates, serve as useful and timely reminding nudges to actually check out some of the stuff covered in YHO. So don't stop.

  2. Fair enough. I'll get cracking again soon. But you've gotta admit it was worth breaking off to enjoy that clip. And there is a bit of logic to it as you'll see when the next YHO hits the streets. Oh yes, there's no surrender ...

  3. i'm with pc i love you being a multi media platform or whatever it is that cleverclogs's would call it and i treasure all the small collections of the ever growing list of amazing artists i'd never heard desperately (the jackie paris one most of all i think and the archive one if i'm geting tetchy) so i think your heart out is going to have to be twice as thick or you're stuck with this for a while. ta for it all it really is hugely appreciated

  4. I can only echo the comments of PC and Ally. I love the eclecticism (not sure if that's right or not) of yr heart out and I find all the connections stuff fascinating. I grew up a 'soulie' going to Wigan Casino, Blackpool Mecca etc so I love all the hints at obscure soul artists. I also find the bits about 6o's garage (which I'm just discovering after all this time) and all these obscure short lived indie bands extremely fascinating and I want to thank you for making me aware of some great music. Cheers.