Monday 30 April 2012

yho5 - ... look sideways

The fifth issue of YHO had Jeanne Moreau on the cover in a still from Joseph Losey’s Eva.  It opens with a quote from Alec Guinness’ Journals which pokes fun lightly at the YHO way of working : “It is, I suppose, like a sort of sluggish river meandering hopefully towards the open sea but diverted by various eddies, pools or tangential tributaries.”
The contents of this edition of YHO included:
Ø  Pub rock and future primitives: The Motors, Hammersmith Gorillas, Third World War, etc.
Ø  Malcolm McLaren and Robin Millar in Paris
Ø  Jeanne Moreau, Serge Rezvani and Helena Noguerra
Ø  Morricone and Milva, Joan Baez and Sacco & Vanzetti
Ø  Factory jazz dance: Kalima, Swamp Children, Jazz Defektors, ACR
Ø  Sarah Vaughan’s Brazilian trilogy
Ø  Mark Murphy
Ø  Jazzman compilations and Letta Mbulu
Ø  Quincy Jones’ soundtracks
Ø  Moonshake
Ø  Cookie Crew
Ø  Ella Mae Morse and Johnny Mercer
Ø  Marcia Griffiths

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