Friday 27 April 2012

yho2 - ... again

The cover of the second YHO was another still from Steve Barton’s Time For Action video.  The inside front cover has a shotl from a promo film for Cruelty by The Wolfhounds  The text above it sort of says it all:  “This is dedicated to all those who take the time and trouble to share their enthusiasms and obsessions, for whatever reason, for little return, yet in so doing enlighten and illuminate, making the world a better place, leading us to sounds and people we never dared dream exist.”
One nice and unexpected by-product of this early edition was a mention of Roger Eagle giving Jeff Barrett the idea of doing a commemorative mag on the great man.  This lovely document is still available via the Caught By The River site here.
The contents of this edition of YHO include:
Ø  Tuca – her records and her work with Franoise Hardy, Nara Leao etc.
Ø  Dennis Brown and Penny Reel
Ø  Mick Jones and B.A.D., Dennis Morris, Basement 5, Malicious Damage
Ø  Fiction Records – the Chris Parry sound
Ø  Andrew Hill and choral jazz
Ø  Nancy Wilson and Oliver Nelson
Ø  Jody Reynolds – the rockabilly provocateur, Bobbie Gentry, Nancy and Lee
Ø  The Fallen Leaves  - Rob Simmons on his return to music
Ø  Stacy Epps and The Awakening – abstract soul and spiritual jazz
Ø  Kate Wax and Shena Mackay

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