Saturday 28 April 2012

yho3 - ... and then again

The front cover of the third edition of YHO had a still from the 1964 Jean Aurel film De L’Amour, and opened with a lovely John Buchan quote: “For those who worked in the shadows must know more than those in the daylight”.
There was very much a focus in this issue on people who were intent on putting together something more than simply a set of songs, people who liked working with ideas and themes, including:
Ø  Janelle Monáe and her Metropolis – The Chase Suite
Ø  The new wave of French conceptualists – Marc Collin, Olivier Libaux, Philippe Katerine
Ø  Nancy Harrow – from Atlantic jazz to conceptual interpretations of Willa Cather via Damon & Naomi
Ø  Gary McFarland – America The Beautiful and so on ...
Ø  Watertown – Frank Sinatra, Jake Holmes, Bob Gaudio and romance
The contents of this edition of YHO also included:
Ø  Johnny Hartman
Ø  Mark Perry
Ø  Slumber Party and Aliccia Berg Bollig
Ø  Tamba Trio
Ø  Phil Ochs
Ø  Cup of Tea – Bristol blues and roots
Ø  Muhsinah and Brittany Bosco – future soul sounds

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