Wednesday, 21 July 2010


If you've read the Assemblage edition of Your Heart Out (and if you haven't then it can be downloaded for free here) you'll know it's all about how things fit together. And in this edition things fitted together largely on account of the great American jazz pianist Steve Kuhn. So to help illustrate this it seemed like a great idea to put together a mixtape of some of Steve's work. The Kuhnnections collection, which can be found here, highlights some of Steve's own recordings as well as some of the fantastic collaborations he has worked on with Monica Zetterlund, Karin Krog, Sheila Jordan, and Gary McFarland. If you like these tracks then get hunting for the records where and when they are available. With thanks to Per-Christian Hille for the sleeve design, once more. The cover photo by Erik Stenvik, used by special permission, is from a wonderfully evocative collection of Norwegian jazz shots from the late '60s which can be found on Flickr here and which fit perfectly with the contents of Assemblage. And here's some Steve Kuhn from 1969 ...


  1. Well Kevin, this was interesting! Per-Christian Hille made me aware of the Assamblage when asked if he could use one of my pictures for the “Kuhnections” cover. He found my jazz photographs of among others Steve Kuhn with Monica Zetterlund, Karin Krog, Arild Andersen, Jon Christensen and Jan Garbarek at jazz-clubs in Oslo in the late nineteen sixties at Flickr. I was a student there at the time, and a regular guest at the jazz-spots. Luckily I still also have the recordings I made in the same period of radio transmissions with the same musicians, even some with vocals by Steve Kuhn.
    It might interest some of the readers that a CD titled “1960” with the Steve Kuhn trio was released in Japan 2005. It contains five tracks from a session in New York in November 1960 with Scott LaFaro on bass and Pete La Roca on drums. As you probably know the legendary LaFaro, who set a new standard of bass-playing with the Bill Evans Trio, died at the age of 25 in a car crash in 1961, just a few days after the fabulous Village Vanguard recordings.
    Now, thank you and carry on, I am hoping for more interesting material.

  2. Thank you Erik. Your photos are wonderful, and I am very jealous. They must have been some wonderful performances. I bet the radio broadcasts are brilliant. I will have to track down that 1960 CD - it just proves the point about everything fitting together. Best wishes Kevin

  3. Wow wow wow!!! THANK YOU for sharing such a fine compilation! I just stumbled upon your blog after doing some research on Kuhn as I plan to post his beautiful Pearlie's Swine myself at my own blog
    First I found Stenviks cool photos fr '68 and then your comp. Will def link to your site if I get around to write something!

    Acctually I already uploaded his original (?) Pearlie's Swine with himself at the mic at Soundcloud 1,5 years ago here:

    Some guys in Stockholm (my hometown) recently performed this tune, pretty cool version w heavy male vocalist, albeit mediocre sound quality, and uploaded it here too:

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment Jo/No. Your own site looks like it will be very much my kind of thing. Just about to dive straight in with the Libyan and Egyptian sounds which I can't wait to explore. If you ever want to share a mix you'd be very welcome.