Friday, 2 July 2010

Saffron Sounds

Saffron Sounds is the second of our Sketches Of Iran mixtapes, and also follows on from the wonderful gift shared with us, Pomegranates Vol. 2 - the unofficial sequel to the Finders Keepers compilation. This short selection of Persian sounds makes available recordings of some of the tracks we've featured as part of Anywhere Else But Here Today, such as Giti's astonishing Molana and Kourosh Yaghmaie's beautifully mournful Khar. It also features a full eight-and-a-half minutes of this beautiful song ...


  1. I found your blog via Anywhere from Here. Do you know 70's Eritean music? Its sounds like it has promise as another one of your themes. These videos still play on Eritean channels along with the usual ol' Syrian + Eygptian soap operas.

  2. Wow. You must be reading my mind, as I stumbled across a selection of Eritrean clips very recently and fell in love with them. So yes very definitely an Ertitrean theme soon!