Wednesday, 1 July 2009

You busted my mind ...

So somehow in the erudite eighth issue of Your Heart Out, known to its betters as The Historical Romance and available to download for free in the library on your left) we made the jump from The Remains performing Don't Look Back to Billy Vera talking about singers' singers and how being a bit of a cult can rankle. He referred explicitly to his partnership with the great Judy Clay, one of my all-time favourite singers.

I first came across Judy in her own right (sans William Bell) via some of the early Kent Records compilations. It may have been Dancing Till Dawn, one of my particular favourites, where Judy sings You Busted My Mind. Sings? She scared the hell outta me. And as I accumulated Kent compilations over the years it was always a joy to come across a Judy Clay cut.

So to celebrate Judy's special talent it seemed like a fun idea to put together a bit of a mix of those Kent collected cuts. With a couple of Billy Vera related tracks to boot. This collection is not be missed ... But in case you need any inducement here's THAT track ...

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