Wednesday, 22 July 2009


The ninth issue of Your Heart Out is now available to download for free in our library on your left (£12 for a music mag? You'd have to be loopy!). Among the central themes of A Restorative (as it's affectionately known) are the acts of reclaiming and returning from exile. The Concise Oxford Dictionary used to have words for such things.

Now, while some inspirational sounds continue to be reclaimed or welcomed back from the dead (thank god!) others remain forgotten. That's stating the obvious. But it did at least offer an opportunity to focus on The Decorators, a lost group of the early '80s, mainly active in London and never quite fitting in despite being well ahead of the game with their beautiful big guitars, quiffs and shades. Their output was fairly weighty, but they're still waiting for their time to arrive. Singer Mick Bevan had a way with words, and an unusual way of phrasing, and a knack for knocking together haunted, dramatic, twisted torch songs.

If you like the Saints' Prehistoric Sounds and the OJs' third LP then The Decorators will tickle your fancy. While they remain ripe for rediscovery, here is an introduction to their irregular ballads and romantic gestures, including Red Sky Over Wembley, the number that precipitated our London songs project ...


  1. I thought I was the only one to appreciate the the glory that is 'Red Sky Over Wembley',thank the lord! I'll take my hat to 'Mick's Girl' as well, another forgotten gem.I've just found your site over the last week or so and is a labour of love well worth investigating.
    Mala Reay (mala
    ps.Have you mentioned the brilliance of the some of Jamaican Rock Steady 45's from mid-60's that I may have missed?

  2. Fantastic. Someone else loves that song! I'm sure there was reference to Tommy McCook is one of the isues, and certainly some of the UK releases from that era ...

  3. Hi, I'm from Belgium and proud owner of 'Rebel Songs' from The Decorators. I also love 'Red Sky over Wembley', the song remained stuck in my head from hearing it a couple of times on the radio in the early 80's when it was released. I do not have it on record nor tape, in fact until I read your article I didn't even know what record it was on 'cause apart from 'Rebel Songs' I never found any other recording from the Decorators. It would definitely deserve to be reissued. I still hope to find it one day. Greetz

  4. The Decorators are one of the great lost bands, they were awesome live and just about everything they recorded was top-notch.

  5. Thanks for posting The Decorators. I used to work with Johhny and Mick at Crusts in Ealing and saw them play many time at the The Clarendon et al