Saturday, 4 July 2009

Picture me gone

There was a bit of a Chip Taylor thing going on in the engaging eighth issue of Your Heart Out, The Historical Romance (which can be downloaded for free in our library on your left). What I hadn't realised at the time was that in the very near future the good people at Ace would be releasing a round-up of Chip Taylor songs as part of their essential songwriters/producers series. That will definitely be worth getting hold of.

In the meantime there is an excellent interview with Chip at the Spectropop site, which makes for great reading. And don't all those photos of the original 45s just make you drool. It was particularly pleasing to see a mention of Kathy McCord, Billy Vera's sister. Seems Kathy was the one who just might have got to record Angel of the Morning first. And they say Evie Sands was unlucky ... And if you haven't a spare $100 you might want to check out the CTI Never Sleeps page on the LP she made for the label. Beautiful record. Maybe we should petition Rev-ola to release it. And it should be made a capital offence for any record to be described as acid folk!

I don't think there are any unexpected videos of Kathy McCord on YouTube but there are a number of wonderful performances by the godlike Evie Sands. Like this piece of pure punk rock ... But before we go, a question for you. One of Chip Taylor's songwriting and production partners was Ted Darryl ... what can you tell me about him?

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  1. ta ever so as usual for all this - in a world of lost voices evie's desperately deserves to be heard and ol' chip could do with a bit of recognising too. sorry to be so behind - i can't keep up