Thursday 19 March 2009

... your heart out ... look sideways

The fifth issue of Your Heart Out is now ready to face the world and show off its latest moves.

So go ahead, download it for free, and find out what happens when you take the Main Ingredient, Motors, Malcolm McLaren and Jeanne Moreau, Milva and Morricone, Marilia Medalha, Letta Mbulu, Mark Murphy, Mixed Nuts, Moonshake, Ella Mae Morse, Marcia Griffiths, plot them on a chart and join the dots. It's a bit of an odyssey, but you'll visit some intriguing places along the way.

Just to be perverse we'll describe the cover, well sort of hint at it by saying it features Jeanne Moreau in Joseph Losey's Eva which has Tony Middleton singing the title song. The back page, though, features this Ken Boothe LP sleeve. What more do you need to know?


  1. Looks like you've hit the M section of your music collection!

  2. thanks for wonderful reading and mixes. Really inspiring. I Particulary enjoyed your piece about tuca, the brazilian singer. I, like you, imagine that theres gotta be more stuff about her avalable somewhere.