Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Correcting the balance ... pt 2

While the finishing touches are being put to the fifth issue of Your Heart Out it seemed a good idea to share another of our mixes of lost treasures from the punk era and beyond. So you can download your copy of Times Are So Tough here, and enjoy some of our favourites from the Decorators, Ski Patrol, Visitors, Cigarettes and many more.

The accompanying photo is, I think, from The Face of the fabled Okonkwo twins who if I remember rightly put in an appearance in the equally legendary series of short stories which was published as The Outside of Everything.


  1. Thats a Janette Beckman photo. Check out her site (and the photo) here: http://www.janettebeckman.com/#id=13&num=4

  2. I'm not sure if the fact that I remember and am able to access this with such ease is frightening or reassuring:

    The Face #13, May 81
    The Face #4, August 80

  3. Great. I call it reassuring because it proves my memory is not playing tricks on me. Yes, and it makes sense it was a Janette Beckman photo. and I was right about the story. And I was right about their appearance in a story ...