Saturday, 28 February 2009

... your heart out ... again

The second issue of Your Heart Out was ready in time for Christmas to meet our target of producing a monthly publication which combined flair and imagination.

I think what pleased us most about this issue was the feature on Brazilian singer/composer Tuca, as this seemed to sum up what was happening in our world. The name had been familiar from Francoise Hardy but it was only by digging deeper via blogs like Loronix that we were able to put the pieces together and discover the full glory of what she produced in her tragically short life. It seemed only right that when we set up a MySpace page we chose a Tuca song for our theme.

The second issue also featured Kate Wax, Penny Reel's book on Dennis Brown, Mick Jones, Nancy Wilson, Oliver Nelson, Andrew Hill, and Jody Reynolds. It also featured our only guest contribution to date, which was Rob Symmons explaining how he got from Subway Sect to Fallen Leaves. This was a great honour, as the way Rob looked and played guitar in Subway Sect made us what we are. Now you know who to blame!

Importantly we also focused on Stacy Epps, one of the new cosmic hip hop/experimental soul artists exciting us so much at the moment.

On the back cover there was a bit of a ramble about cover versions, featuring a still from a video of Paul Quinn and Edwyn Collins performing Pale Blue Eyes. If that doesn't make you cry ...

Due to our technical incompetence we messed up the closing adieu which was meant to suggest we were siting somewhere listening to Ruby & the Romantics sing Young Wings Can Fly.


  1. We're playing with The Fallen Leaves next week. Woo Hoo! Phil Wilson

  2. Hope you have seen this,videoclips of tuca in paris,very fascinating stuff

    1. Wow! No I hadn't seen that. Seems almost too good to be true. Thanks so much for letting me know.