Friday, 27 February 2009

... your heart out

So, the first issue of Your Heart Out came out towards the end of November 2008. It was very much a spur of the moment thing, put together quickly, with limited IT skills, very much in the punk DIY spirit.

I'd been thinking a lot about how, partly through economic necessity, people were seeking pleasures, absorbing music, expanding their knowledge, increasingly via lost music posted on blogs, new music being discovered via MySpace, YouTube providing opportunities to see both new and old footage. And about how this was changing our outlook, and maybe this was a good time to share some current obsessions, like female jazz singers, bossa nova, Charles Stepney productions, Raw Records' back pages, and some new sounds that were making life seem a bit more special like Fallen Leaves and Eric Lau.

It was also a good opportunity to challenge some prevailing conceptions, so there was a fresh perspective on the revival of interest in mod related things that took place in 1979, and the positive repercussions of what happened then.

The first issue had a wonderful still on its back page of Marina Van-Rooy dancing and prompting the question whether this is the coolest thing ever?

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