Tuesday 7 February 2012


Consequences is the latest edition of YHO, and can be downloaded here as a pdf – free for all. This issue is all about The Go-Betweens’ first three LPs and the musical climate in which they were made and first heard. The YHO way of working has been very much about roaring through the pop landscape, making unexpected connections, and zooming off in a new direction to explore whatever turns up. So, for a new challenge, I thought it would be fun to do something different, and write about something more specific like a short sequence of LPs by one artist. And that’s exactly what the new series will be about: context and sequences. This issue is a bit of a feature-length trailer. The ones to come will be far more concentrated and concise. And this one is, unusually, very close to home. It’s a rare glimpse behind the curtain. So please spread the news.


  1. hello - I am researching the life of footballer laurie cunningham,first black player to play for both England and Real Madrid.He was also a talented dancer, recommended to audition for the Dance Theatre of Harlem.He loved disco music and won competitions for his dancing locally in north london.He grew up in Archway and I am trying to find any pictures or information on the disco club scene from 1975-1979(the year he left for Madrid).I have found some good Jill Furmanovsky pictures of Shades in Manor House in 1978, but wondered if you can recommend any other sources. I assume Camden might have had a disco scene with the Camden Palace and Electric ballroom being big at the time.Any leads will be gratefully followed up.
    thanks dermot kavanagh

  2. Hi Dermot, that sounds a brilliant project. I didn't know about Laurie's dancing but it makes perfect sense. I'm guessing a London lad of that era would have gone into the West End to Crackers, or the Royalty up in Southgate. There are a number of forums for old soul boys where I am sure you could get some good contacts. Someone like the DJ Norman Jay would be worth talking to, as well. And while this site run by jazz dancer Seymour Nurse covers a slightly later period he really knows his history so may be able to help with contacts: http://www.thebottomend.co.uk/Seymour_Nurses_Jazzifunk_Club_Jazz_Chart.php
    Good luck and if I can help further let me know.

  3. thank you Kevin- Norman Jay is a great idea, i'll try Seymour Nurse too-I hope to put a small exhibition together on laurie, i reckon he deserves a blue plaque. dermot

  4. saw the go betweens surport orange juice at the lycium in about1981 really enjoyed them but dont know anything about them, just spent some time looking back and reading your blog. really great stuff.

  5. Hello Kevin - I contacted you ages ago regarding a project I am working on about laurie cunningham.As you suggested he was indeed a dancer at Crackers.I wanted to make you aware of a series of events starting tomorrow night in Archway based around Laurie's story.The venue is 36 Junction Road N19,(a disused shop).The project is called "Steps Ahead" and local teenagers have produced photography and creative writing using Laurie as inspiration.The launch is tomorrow night (25th) and Cyrille Regis is coming along to speak, if you are around and fancy attending it would be great to see you there.

    regards Dermot