Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Soul of England

One of the few delights of the modern world is being able to fish around on YouTube and enjoy the treasures shared by people who have taken the time and trouble to share their loves. Combining the search for London related songs with a passion for old ska, rocksteady and reggae tunes I often came across the name of OldWah, a gentleman and a scholar who has posted many ridiculously rare and wonderful old reggae recordings. Well, I'm delighted to say he has put together a lovely mix for The London Nobody Sings of skinhead era sounds with a Capital conection. So time for a knees-up 1969-style ...


  1. I've always wanted a copy of this LP! What a great cover, it'd look great on a wall next to "This Is Soul"!

  2. Bizarrely Bill I have the cover and not the record. I found an empty sleeve - the only time I've asked: "Erm, how much for this sleeve?"