Wednesday 3 December 2014

A Moment Worth Waiting For

A MOMENT WORTH WAITING FOR by KEVIN PEARCE is the first book to be published by Your Heart Out. It has a beautiful cover designed by Per-Christian Hille. That should be enough, but to help provide some context this is a selection of quotes about the book:

A Moment Worth Waiting For is a quietly extraordinary book, as fond as it is forensic. It’s guided by the spirit of “discovery… neglected dusty corners … aesthetics and romance, a passion for learning, a fascination with how things fit together”. It explores songs, artists, imaginative ley lines, moments of possibility that are often left out of histories. If this project sounds personal, well, in some ways it is. A Moment Worth Waiting For doesn’t offer big theoretical statements. But every page is studded with insights, connections and subtle realignments of the status quo.” - Sukhdev Sandhu, The Wire

“I would like to suggest it to everyone who loves music and everything essential and peripheral to its making. A mixture of world class memory recall, gleaning and in the end, fabulous writing. Have a look...” – Stephen Pastel

“Out now in digital format for the price of a modern day, city centre pint is A Moment Worth Waiting For. It’s a glorious mind map of forgotten sounds and styles that continually side steps traditional ideas of writing about music and zig zags across records, scenes and artists honing in on and making connections you are sure to have either missed or more likely never dreamt of.” – Subbaculture
“It’s very much the journey and work of a lifetime. The depth of the research – and / or recall – is amazing; key to the book is the contemporary music criticism upon which Kevin draws, so obviously influential in terms of his developing taste. But those well-remembered moments of discovery are merely the beginning, and it’s the lifetime of subsequent listening and exploration which adds lightly disguised layers of retrospective understanding to each instance of musical epiphany.” – A Jumped-Up Pantry Boy

“Generally speaking I don’t like books about music/musicians, often only of interest to the dedicated music aficionado or fan but of no general appeal, however I have to make an exception for Kevin Pearce’s A Moment Worth Waiting For and I am frankly in awe at the breadth and depth of Mr Pearce’s research. Right from the start Mr Pearce offers up a veritable feast to the reader, leading us down one musical pathway after another, many ending up in totally unexpected territory, but fear not, this is the author’s story and he is the guiding light throughout the book, joining the dots to give us a pretty extensive musical and cultural overview of the times. Quotes from a number of sources are ingeniously inserted in to the narrative, always apposite, in context, always credited and some very funny.  You’ll have to delve in yourselves to find out what is in there for you and there is sure to be something that will pique the interest, illuminate and enlighten you.” - Gertie Grocott,

“Prompted by Vic's mention, talk moves on to Kevin Pearce, the brilliant and prolific writer, researcher and cataloguer behind a slew of fiercely passionate zines, books, and blogs including Hungry Beat, Something Beginning With O and Your Heart Out. Pearce's work is marked out by both its eloquence and its depth of research”. – Helen King, The Quietus

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The book is available in digital format through or your local equivalent. 

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  1. Wow, I haven't been to YHO in a while (new 'puter, bookmarks didn't migrate..).. congrats on the book, can't wait to check it out!