Monday 7 October 2013


The fiftieth and final issue of YHO is about listening.  It is illustrated using examples of records which have become life-supports between and during YHO explorations.  These might include ones by Pinch, Pursuit Grooves, Photek, Cyrus, Sherwood, Shackleton and Smith & Mighty, but that’s not really the point.

So, yes, this is the end of YHO’s five-year plan.  It’s time now to tackle something new.  In the meantime, there are fifty issues here to explore.  Thanks to those who have supported this adventure, and greetings to those who may be new arrivals. 


  1. Hi, very sorry to see this'll be the last edition. I've only recently become aware of yho (thanks to Bernie Connor's podcast) but it's already given me a lot to listen to and a lot to think about. The enthusiasm with which you write is really infectious. I look forward to ploughing through the archives. All the best with your future plans.

  2. An extraordinary project and kool archivia

  3. What an achievement. I am still trawling my way through this amazing series. It's an inspiration and you should feel proud at what you have achieved. Well done - and thanks.