Sunday 14 April 2013

yho44 - deliberately

The forty-fourth edition of YHO is very much about the Make Up and their untouchable gospel yeh-yeh dance sound/stance.  These may seem random ruminations, but were in fact particularly prompted by:
  • Ø  Ian F. Svenonius’ Supernatural Strategies
  • Ø  The Fallen Leaves’ If Only We’d Known
  • Ø  Chain and the Gang’s In Cool Blood
  • Ø  Ghetto Brothers’ Power Fuerza
These meditations on the Make Up feature Douglas Hart’s scholarly study of the pea coat and its aesthetic and social significance.


  1. Wonderful, eclectic inspiration for yho44. Bravo. Never heard of the Make Up, and I eagerly await another KP voyage of discovery. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Nigey, very much appreciated.

  3. I'm about halfway through now. Splendid stuff as always.

    How did the Make-Up pass me by I wonder?

    Thankfully I have been following The Fallen Leaves for a few years now - and seen them live twice. On both occasions, mid-set and mid-instrumental break, the singer opens a Thermos flask and pours himself a refreshing hot beverage, as if on a Sunday picnic. A delightful touch from a very special band.

    By the by, this is the first one I've read on a Kindle. The type is tiny but just about readable. I may look like Mr Magoo but it's worth it.